Here are the facts

Senior falls can KILL…and we needed to do something about it.

It’s unfortunate: 1 in 4 seniors fall every year in the United States, which lead to over 28,000 deaths. There are many devices out there that can call for help, however, literature has shown that they are not always worn for a variety of reasons.

What’s more: Almost every family has experienced this with a loved one.

Picture this..

An application that has the ability to call for help either by the press of a button OR automatically after it senses a fall.

An application that can distinguish between low altitude falls (i.e. sitting) vs. higher altitude falls(i.e. standing) and call for different levels of assistance (Caregivers and/or a central monitoring agency*)

An application that is research-backed and patent-pending

An application built exclusively for the world's #1 smart watch.

We imagined it, and it's called: FallCall Now!

Coming soon to the world's #1 smart watch!